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Wedding Cakes

When it comes to planning your wedding, choosing a wedding cake is such a delightful experience.  After all, what could be better than tasting a variety of flavorful cakes that are frosted with silky smooth buttercream and perhaps a decadent, rich filling?

A wedding cake can be classic and formal and designed to be the centerpiece of your reception.  Or, it can be delightfully unexpected with subtleties that tell your story.  Whatever you choose, MasterPieces Cake Art will guide you along the way.


Cupcakes aren’t just for kids anymore.  They provide a sweet dessert alternative, and they are perfect, single serving indulgences for weddings, birthdays, showers, or any special occasion.  Cupcakes can be formal, simple and elegant, or they can be fun and whimsical.  Just like a classic cake, cupcakes come in a variety of flavors, frostings and fillings.

Artistic Celebration Cakes

Why not celebrate your special occasion with a cake that describes who you are?  The possibilities are endless.  From sculpted, 3-dimentional works of art to a revealing peek of who you are.  Whatever you choose, MasterPieces Cake Art will bring your idea to life.  More than just a novelty, our specialty cakes will not only provide the WOW factor that you’re searching for, they will taste amazing!

Styled Dessert Tables

Introducing Sweet Scapes – stylized dessert tables offering mouth-watering sweets in a visual feast.  In addition to custom-created desserts, MasterPieces Cake Art is partnering with Holly Long of Naturally Elegant Designs, a seasoned designer. Allow us to develop your table design and display, provide florals and linens; delivery, table set-up, and next day pick-up; and signage and menus.  You and your guests will be amazed at how these elements will work together to create an eye-catching dessert table that coordinates with the event venue and theme.  Choose a Sweet Scape for your wedding or next special event!

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The Proof is in the Cake

Masterpieces Cake Art

MasterPieces Cake Art
Specializes in bringing your ideas to life
It is the mission of MasterPieces Cake Art to design and create artful wedding cakes, cupcakes and special occasion cakes.  We work one-on-one with our customers and help them bring their ideas to life in the form of show stopping confections that taste amazing.

The marriage of two people, the birth of a baby, a baby’s first birthday, a christening, a bar mitzvah, a   sweet sixteen, turning 21, 30, 40, 50,60, 90, or 100,   a 25th wedding anniversary, the launch of a new business, a housewarming, retirement – significant life events often marked with celebrations.  Celebrations attended by people who mean the most.  What consummates each of these milestone celebrations?  A cake!

When a customer chooses MasterPieces Cake Art to design and create a cake for their celebration, we are truly honored, because they are placing trust in us to provide them with a very important element of their special occasion.  That’s why we feel that it is important to spend time getting to know the customer, connecting with them, and understanding their story, so we can produce a heart-felt creation that is worthy of their celebration in both appearance and taste.

At MasterPieces Cake Art, we turn your inspiration into a sweet creation.

The Latest News & Events

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Introducing Sweet Scapes, Our Styled Dessert Tables!

February 22nd, 2018|Comments Off on Introducing Sweet Scapes, Our Styled Dessert Tables!

MasterPieces Cake Art’s artistic cake baker, Dan Liberatore, introduces Sweet Scapes, a stylized dessert table offering mouth-watering sweets in a visual feast, in partnership with […]

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You Had Me At Leftovers!

April 9th, 2017|Comments Off on You Had Me At Leftovers!

You Had Me at Leftovers…. You just never know how people learn about MasterPieces Cake Art. Here’s how this Spring Floral Birthday Cake came about: […]

Listen to our Critics

A sight to behold, they taste great too!

Dan’s cakes are incredible. How he can turn cake making into such an art form is amazing. And not only are the cakes a sight to behold, they taste great too!


You can only be in awe if Dan bakes your cake

For my 50th birthday, Dan offered to make my cake. His creation took into account many of my hobbies and my favorite foods. His sculpture was a Shadow Box cake in which he had made the box out of melted chocolate and within each of the 9 squares was a figure representing something that I like to do. The cake was so very personal, a fitting display speaking to my 50 years and made with such care and detail that the room was filled with “Ohs and ahs”. It tasted wonderful, right down to the last crumb. You can only be in awe if Dan bakes your cake and never disappointed.


You Took My Vision And Made It A Reality!

Hello Dan!

First, I want to say sorry I didn’t get to say hi when you were setting up the cake at The Shattuck in Jaffrey, NH. It was so crazy the day-of, with so much going on, I did not have a second to spare!  

Secondly…. The cake. I just have to say your cake was one of the only things that was perfect on my day! I was absolutely stunned when I saw it; it was everything I expected and so much more. The flowers were beautiful, and the cats on top instantly melted my heart. The birch bark was so realistic looking; people just couldn’t get over it. You took my vision and made it a reality.  

One thing I was not going to do was miss out on tasting my beautiful cake! The servers only used two tiers of the cake and I was able to get a slice of both and they were wonderful! It was truly the best cake I have ever tasted. I got tons of compliments on the cake from the appearance to the taste! 

I also want to thank you for delivering the box. We didn’t expect to be keeping the top tier but I was glad we did because we enjoyed it when we returned from our honeymoon! :) thank you also for returning our deposit on the cake base.  

I just can’t wait to recommend you the next time someone is in need of a cake! I will definitely be spreading the word. MasterPieces is a great name because your cakes are just that! Thank you for making our dreams come true. 

Kimberly & Brandon



Jackpot! Slot Machine Birthday Cake

Hi Dan! 

I wanted to extend a massive thank you for your incredible work. The cake was dynamite! My mom was absolutely blown away by the surprise and just how amazing the cake was. It was such a hit, so tasty, and everyone was in awe of how talented you are. They couldn’t believe such an incredible cake came from Stoddard, so get ready for lots of inquiries! (Let me tell you, we all really struggled with the decision to cut the cake because it was so remarkable! I cannot thank you enough for everything you did from inception to delivery. I appreciated your thoroughness, kindness, patience (!), and immense creativity. You made the day a memorable one and I look forward to working with you again in the future. 

Jill  Slot Machine Birthday Cake


Barbie Party

Abby’s Barbie cake was incredible! Everyone at the party was raving about how good the cake/cupcakes were. Dan is an amazing baker and so nice to work with. He was even able to accommodate an unexpected change in schedule on our end and was so gracious throughout the entire process. We will definitely be back for more and I cannot wait to see what Dan comes up with in the future!

Devon Ferns


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