Wedding Cake FAQs

When should you choose your wedding cake professional?

Start early. Experienced cake artists and bakers often book up 6 months to a year in advance, especially if your wedding is during peak wedding season.

What’s the first step?

Schedule a consultation and taste some cake! This gives you an opportunity to get to know your baker, confirm the quality of the cake, and share your ideas. It also gives your baker time to get to know you and understand your inspiration.

What should we bring to a consultation?

Bring things that point to style. Helpful items include: choice of venue & wedding date or season, color swatches, wedding dress pictures, a copy of your invitation, flower and bouquet photos, pictures of wedding cakes you’re drawn to, catering menu. All of these things will get the conversation going and foster the creative process.

How much does a wedding cake cost?

A made to order, baked from scratch, hand crafted custom wedding cake can take days to create. Costs vary widely based on the number of servings needed and the complexity of the design. Sugar flowers are individually hand crafted and take time to make. Flavor choices and ingredient costs can also factor in. Last year there was an egg shortage; this year the price of vanilla extract is approaching $4 an ounce. Your best bet is to share your ideas with your cake artist, and he/she can provide you with an approximate cost. If the cost is outside of your budget, ask about alternatives.

What about a Groom’s Cake?

Groom’s cakes can be fun and offer a different kind of wow factor from the wedding cake. Typically, they’re all about the groom and are crafted to showcase his passions or interests. We’ve created a variety of groom’s cakes including pick-up trucks, football helmets and superheroes. They can be displayed alongside the wedding cake or take the stage alone at the rehearsal dinner.

Cake Alternatives – Cupcakes and Supplemental Serving Cakes

While some choose a wedding cake sized to serve all of the guests, others choose a smaller presentation or cutting cake along with an assortment of cupcakes for the guests. Cupcakes offer a wider variety of flavors, and they’re self-serve, which would eliminate cake serving fees that some caterers charge. Figure one standard cupcake per guest and 2 to 3 mini cupcakes per guest. For head counts of 75 or more, we recommend choosing 3 different flavors: 1) something “light and white”, such as our white chocolate raspberry; 2) something “middle of the road”, such as our pumpkin spice with maple cream cheese frosting or apple spice with salted caramel Swiss meringue buttercream; and 3), something chocolatey, such as our chocolate mocha mousse.

Supplemental serving cakes, also known as sheet cakes or kitchen cakes, can be a budget friendly alternative – especially if you have a rather large guest list. A supplemental cake allows you to have a smaller, show stopping wedding cake designed to fit your budget and be able to serve all of your guests simultaneously. Our supplemental cakes are frosted and filled two-layer cakes, so that when cut and plated, they have the same appearance as a slice cut from the wedding cake. Because the supplemental cake doesn’t require the same amount of time to create as a wedding cake, they cost less.